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Track Paddocks & Slow Feeders: Tips for Combatting Horse Boredom (pdf)

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Screenshot 2016-08-29 11.23.32.png

Track Paddocks & Slow Feeders: Tips for Combatting Horse Boredom (pdf)


Boredom for horses can cause weight gain, ulcers, stall vices (chewing, pawing, weaving), fighting between horses, and even colic. A couple of techniques to consider, either separately or in combination, are track paddocks and slow feeders.

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If you’re familiar with confinement areas, you probably think of them as small areas that don’t give horses much opportunity to move. However, an emerging trend, called track paddocks, may change the way you view confinement areas. Track paddocks are large, long corridors that circle the perimeter of a pasture or other area. The goal of a track paddock is to encourage horses to move about more freely and interact with each other.