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The Swallows are Coming (pdf)


The Swallows are Coming (pdf)


Swallows are one of many beneficial species that can provide natural or integrated pest control by reducing populations of flies, mosquitoes, and other vectors that can harm livestock and can bring disease. Learn about attracting and providing habitat for these and other beautiful and beneficial creatures.

Eight page print quality PDF

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Swallows, martins and swifts are some of the most common bird species observed on and around horse properties. As predators, they are attracted by the large insect populations found wherever there is livestock. In fact, they provide an important means of pest control for horse owners since 2 pairs of swallows consume about 12,000 insects a day, making them more effective than mechanical means such as traps and electric bug zappers, and a “green” alternative to insecticides and other aggressive techniques. Plus, swallows are beautiful and fun to watch as they perform their aerial acrobatics. This Tip Sheet will show you how to provide habitat that will attract swallows to your property for help with insect control.