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That Place in the Country (pdf)


That Place in the Country (pdf)


Buying your first horse property can be daunting. Learn how to choose a place with good soil type, topography, location of structures and more, to avoid costly expenses down the road, and to have the place of your dreams.

Nine page print quality PDF

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So, you’ve finally decided to do it! You’re going to buy that little place in the country you’ve always dreamed about. You’re looking forward to the joy of waking up each morning and looking out the window at your horses in their paddocks waiting for breakfast. If you work at home you’ll be able to pause between tasks to gaze out the window at your equine buddies happily grazing away in their lush green pastures. Now you’ll be able to carefully monitor their weight, look after their health on a daily basis and keep their stalls as clean as a whistle. Riding will be handier since you’re right there. Perhaps you’re even hoping to save a little money on expenses since you’ll be doing things yourself now. And besides, didn’t your spouse always want to drive a tractor like Eddie Arnold on Green Acres?