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Say Goodbye to Mud and Dust (pdf)


Say Goodbye to Mud and Dust (pdf)


Don't let mud and dust wreak havoc on your horse's health. Learn about sacrifice area design and other great tools to eliminate mud and dust - your horse will stay clean and breathe easy!

Nine page print quality PDF

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If you have horses then perhaps you have spent some time sloshing around in a paddock trying to catch a horse that has become thoroughly caked with mud. And, as you were slip-sliding around, you may have said to yourself, “So which part is the fun part? The mucky paddock or the filthy horse?” Or maybe your problem is dust. Are your neighbors with the log home fuming at you because the dust cloud rising up from your property leaves their house looking like it hasn’t been cleaned in years? Well, take heart, there is hope—just because you have horses doesn’t mean you have to have mud or dust! Read on to learn about sacrifice areas and other great ways to transform your horse place.