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Planning and Building an Outdoor Arena (pdf)


Planning and Building an Outdoor Arena (pdf)


Learn how to build a functional outdoor arena to use in all kinds of weather. Chose the right location, slope, drainage, size, footing material, and finishing touches to make your arena work perfectly for your discipline. 

13 page print quality PDF

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Having your own riding arena can add a wonderful dimension to your life with horses. An arena is a safe, fun place for you to work with them, and helps keep them healthy by providing a chance for regular exercise. Building an arena is also a big and expensive proposition. But it can be very rewarding, and you can save some money by doing many of the steps yourself. Start with a list of what you want to accomplish with your horses over the next 5 years and what types of riding and training you might end up doing. Take the ages and training levels of your horses into account, and also those of horses you might have down the road.