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Five Keys to Better Pastures (pdf)


Five Keys to Better Pastures (pdf)


Learn the steps to keep pastures in tip-top shape while eliminating weeds and providing maximum forage for your horses. 

Six page print quality PDF

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Picture your horse farm in summer: Your horses are out enjoying the lush green grass and you and your neighbors take pleasure in this beautiful scene. You’re pleased, not just because your horses and neighbors are happy, but because you know your horses are benefiting from healthy forage and you’re saving money with reduced hay bills. In this scenario the environment wins also; the abundant grass absorbs nutrients from manure and grass roots hold soil in place, preventing erosion. That’s your farm in summer, right? Or maybe the grass isn’t quite so lush and there are a few more weeds in the picture? And maybe your neighbors aren’t so happy about the dust coming from your place? If your pastures could be a bit more ideal than they are now, here are five steps you can take to improve your pastures, no matter how many acres you have.