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Fall in Place (pdf)


Fall in Place (pdf)


A list of ways to prepare for the winter ahead; preparing for winter can make chore time a breeze, avoid costly property damage and ensure that your horses stay happy and healthy all year 'round.

Eight page print quality PDF

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You can count on winters in most of the northern United States being cold, wet, dark and windy.During many winters and in many areas you can add snowy and icy to that description. And therealways seems to be at least a storm or two or three that wreaks havoc on our normal horse choreroutines for days on end—stretching into weeks for the unfortunate. As it is with most everything, anounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Here is a checklist of preparations that you can donow to help ease you through those times ahead when you least want to deal with winter’s little(and big) surprises.