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5 Easy Steps to Compost (pdf)


5 Easy Steps to Compost (pdf)


Turn your mountain of manure into black gold to use on pastures, food crops, gardens or to sell. Composting benefits your land, your horses and your neighbors by reducing weeds, pollution, flies and pathogens; see designs and get ideas for making a composting system that works - from simple and budget friendly, to elaborate and large.  

Seven page print quality PDF

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If you care for horses on your own place then you have, no doubt, wondered about what to do with that huge mound of manure and stall waste generated by your horse. In fact, one horse can create a serious pile in no time — one horse produces about 50 pounds of manure per day, over eight tons per year. Add to that the bedding you use each day and in no time at all you have a virtual mountain of manure!