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Horse Keeping Workshops at the Teton County Fair


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Horse Keeping Workshops at the Teton County Fair

How can horses play a role in water quality stewardship? Join Horses for Clean Water, Teton Conservation District, and the Jackson Hole Clean Water Coalition at the Teton County Fair for a series of mini workshops on basic horse keeping, simple solutions for pest control, and mud and manure management. The workshops will be held from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. on July 25th under the Big Top Tent at the Teton County Fair.

Basic Horse Keeping (12:00 – 12:30):  Are you new to horse keeping or do you have a family member who would like to own a horse? Are you interested in learning what’s involved, the potential costs, how to care for a horse—as well as for the pastures and land? Join us for this class to learn how to safely proceed with horse ownership and ways to reduce mud and manage manure.

Mud Management (12:30 – 1:00):  If you have horses, then you have mud, right? Wrong! There are many great ways to manage mud on your ranch or in your corral. In this class we will discuss what causes mud and how it affects horse health. Then we will cover six key steps you can take that will reduce and prevent mud on your property. Learn about French drains, footing options, geotextile fabrics & other great ideas for setting up & managing horse paddocks for chore-efficiency and horse health. 

Simple Solutions for Pest Control (3:00 – 3:30): Are weeds, flies, or rodents a problem on your horse property? Join us to look at eco-friendly, least-toxic ways to manage weeds, bugs, and odors. Make your place nicer for you, your horses, and the natural world, too!

Got Horses? Got Manure! Great Ideas for Manure Management (3:30 – 4:00): Make your place healthier for horses, reduce the insect population, help your property become more productive during the growing season, AND make it chore-efficient! Learn how to compost horse manure, see different bin designs, find out about off-site options for dealing with stall waste and view the latest techniques for reducing stall waste in the barn.

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These workshops will be led by Alayne Blickle, a life-long equestrian, educator, and director of Horses for Clean Water, an internationally acclaimed program that works to care for horses and land in ways that are gentle on the environment, healthy for horses, and easy for horse owners. Blickle said, “I am passionate about working with horse and livestock owners to help them meet chore efficiency and livestock health goals, as well as helping them improve the sustainability of their land. If we each can become better stewards of the land, we leave this planet a better place for future generations.”

Teton Conservation District is bringing Blickle to Jackson to guide conversations on water related challenges specific to corral owners, and explore creative solutions for mud and manure management, manure composting, corral improvements, and water conservation. Carlin Girard, Water Resources Specialist at Teton Conservation District, said, “Conservation districts across the nation were formed after the dustbowl to support local farmers and ranchers in conserving soil and water resources. As Jackson Hole continues to grow, we are seeing nutrient and sediment pollution in our streams and rivers. We want to learn about how these water related challenges are impacting corral owners, and about any strategies corral owners have implemented to address water challenges. By bringing Horses for Clean Water to Jackson, we’re hoping to start a conversation with corral owners on how the conservation district can help support corral owners with water related infrastructure projects.”  

In addition to the workshops, Blickle will be visiting corrals across the valley on Wednesday the 24th to offer suggestions on corral improvements. Teton Conservation District is offering funding for corral owners to implement corral improvements or strategies that decrease runoff, improve horse health, and support water quality. 

Contact Teton Conservation District for details: or (307) 733-2110.