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Simple Solutions for Pasture Management, Horse Health, and Climate Change


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Simple Solutions for Pasture Management, Horse Health, and Climate Change

Join us for a day learning about how to manage pasture in a way that's good for your horses and the environment.

Pasture Management, Horse Health & Climate Change (9 a.m. – 12 p.m)

Livestock and overgrazed pastures are often looked at as the villains of environmental integrity. But what if that wasn’t the case and good pasture management by horse and livestock owners could actually slow down or reverse climate change? Learn basic techniques for good pasture management including how grasses grow, creating a winter paddock, spreading compost, rotational grazing and managing small grazing areas. How you manage the land and soils can positively affect horse health and livestock well-being, land productivity, cost-effectiveness, and climate change.

Simple Solutions (1 – 3 p.m.)

Would you like to learn innovative, chore-efficient solutions for mud management, non-toxic pest control, managing odors, water conservation, and on-farm recycling? In this presentation, we cover wonderful ways to put native plants to work on your farm including rain gardens, dust barriers, trail courses, visual screens, pollinator hedgerows, summer shade, and low-cost/low-care native landscaping. We also discuss easy and fun ways beneficial wildlife can work for us such as by providing natural pest control. Additionally, we cover eco-friendly ways to manage odors, useful water conservation tips, how to build an outdoor washrack, as well as tips for manure and pasture management. Reduce chemical use on your property while making it healthier for your horses, you, and wildlife!

Free! Includes a light lunch.

To register or request more information, please call 541-474-6840 or email