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Workshop: Natural Solutions for Mud, Dust, Bugs, and Weeds


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Workshop: Natural Solutions for Mud, Dust, Bugs, and Weeds

Please join us in learning how to plan and implement practical, efficient and cost-effective strategies for managing horses and equestrian facilities for both horse health and environmental integrity. Topics include site design, manure management and composting, erosion control, confinement area innovations, mud management, insect and weed control, drainage, integrated habitat restoration, fencing, arenas, and more!

Horses, whether stabled indoors or out, have a profound impact on land, habitat, and water resources. How well we mitigate the impact of our horse’s activities, waste, and land use determines their health, our health, and the health of our environment, even miles away. Because of this, regional water quality control boards have already begun implementing mandatory best-practices for Confined Animal Facilities (CAFs) in California, particularly pertaining to seepage and runoff of urine, manure and feed into groundwater, seasonal creeks, ponds, riparian areas, and waterways. Improve the way horses are managed on your site and comply with new regulations, too!


9:00 ~ 12:00 Indoor Workshop
12:00 ~ 1:00 Lunch. Snacks, refreshments, and a lite vegetarian lunch provided.
1:00 ~ 4:00 Outdoor Workshop and Farm Walk

Cost: $60


Sign up for an on-site consultation with Alayne at your horse facility (home or business). *Please note: this does not automatically enroll you in Saturday's course. You may, however, receive a consultation without attending on Saturday, although we strongly advise it for those not familiar with the strategies and technologies being discussed.

Cost: $90 per hour
* Auditors enrolled in Saturday’s course are invited to observe, gratis.*
Time and place for each on-site consult will be coordinated and announced.

Have questions? Feel free to contact Terry Church (facilitator) at

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