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Caring for Horses and Livestock: One Day, Three Great Events!


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Caring for Horses and Livestock: One Day, Three Great Events!

10 a.m. until noon: YUCK!  It’s Muddy Out There!

This class is a certificate class for 4-H youth, although parents and other horse owners are welcomed. Are wintertime chores annoying because of the muck you slop around in? Are you worried about the health of a horse that lives in mud? In this shortened format, we will go over easy tips for reducing mud, options for managing manure, and simple ways to help even the smallest pasture grow great grass.

1 p.m. until 3 p.m.: Tips for Taking Care of Your Small Acreage

There’s a lot to know about owning and managing land, and you need to know even more if you’re raising livestock. Get guidelines to help you make your placea “perfect picture,” a place you can be proud of while protecting natural resources. Practices discussed include manure management, pasture improvement, water conservation and irrigation, reducing mud and dust in livestock paddocks, septic and well care, chemical use reduction and wildlife enhancement. Geared towards rural landowners and those new to keeping horses or livestock on small acreage.

3 p.m. until 4:30 p.m.: Winter Horse Pasture Management

It's time to get pastures ready for the upcoming wet, cold and dark months. Want to learn how to keep your horses out of the mud, make your life chore-efficient and get your pastures in great shape? Join us to learn what you can do this winter to keep your horses healthy, reduce mud, manage manure, and lay the groundwork for greener pastures with less weeds next spring!

To register, or for details on any of these events, call: 541-474-6840 or email: