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Phone: 206-909-0225

US Postal Mail: 7235 Southside Blvd., Nampa, ID 83686


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  • […] I'm also in Pierce County, WA. I think it depends on where you are in the county and how the land is zoned. If it's zoned residential there may be restrictions on what kind of animals a person is allowed to keep. There also may be restrictions if this property is part of a subdivision governed by a Home Owners Association. If the property in question is located in or near the shoreline of Puget Sound or a watershed that drains into the Sound the rules get really tight. They don't want runoff from animal waste getting into Puget Sound. I know you can't even build on waterfront property in some areas without meeting all kinds of restrictions on septic and drainfield requirements. A couple places to check that might have more information are the Pierce County Extension office and Horses for Clean Water: Contact | Horses For Clean Water […]