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Online Courses, Consultations, & Retreats

To see the current Horses for Clean Water online courses, consultations, & special events available, please select a link below.

Private Online Course


Private Online Course


Would you like a private tutorial on horse keeping and land management? HCW’s online course can help you get rid of mud, discover options for managing the 50lbs of manure a horse produces each day, manage pastures, and learn ways to reduce chemical use. Start now to make winter less muddy and the coming summer more chore-efficient with productive pastures and fewer flies. Alayne Blickle teaches these live, virtual programs which are fun, informative and EASY to handle! We provide you with a slide show .pdf to download, you call Alayne at the set time, and together you go through the program coordinated with your personal slide show. Includes handouts and resource materials.

  • Class 1 - Mud, Paddocks and Horses

  • Class 2 - Got Horses? Got Manure! 

  • Class 3 - Managing Horses and Pasture  

  • Class 4 - Natural Solutions: Non-toxic Rodent, Weed & Fly Control, Dust Control, Water Conservation, & More!

Classes are designed to be one hour, but I am happy to go longer if there are questions. Invoiced at $90/hour. Contact Alayne for more information or to arrange a private course.

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