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Sharing the Message of Better Stewardship

Alayne Blickle

We acknowledge the research, dedication, and hard work of caring and passionate change-makers. In the spirit of sharing the message of better horse keeping and environmental stewardship, we would like to share some of the stories and resources we have found inspiring and useful lately.

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Hurricanes & Wildfires

Alayne Blickle

We hope that horses and their humans in the path of these disasters can stay safe. Here's a few resources that may help answer immediate questions.

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Three Steps to Being Firewise

Alayne Blickle

It’s easy to think fires only happen to other people, but unfortunately, this kind of thinking can lead to tragic consequences.

When horses or livestock are involved in a fire event, action needs to be taken quickly to save the lives of animals and to reduce property damage.

Being proactive is the safest firewise plan; late evacuation, or waiting until emergency responders can get to you is often a deadly choice. Once fire is close, visibility may be poor and travel hazardous. Fallen trees, power lines, abandoned cars and firefighting vehicles can easily block roads. Even quiet horses may panic in a trailer filled with smoke or surrounded by sirens.

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