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Gimme Shelter: Pearl's Place

Alayne Blickle

Late last fall at our place, Sweet Pepper Ranch in Idaho, we began working on a new project.

We were fortunate enough to sell a nice horse that Matt had finished training who was ready for a new home. Pearl, or Parnelli’s Black Pearl, was a beautiful, true black mare with only a small white spot on her forehead and a BIG personality. That girl could untie a knot, ANY knot, in no time flat. She could and would open latches and stall doors, undo hoses (which were filling water troughs) and play with anything in her reach. She had a BIG personality and a lot of enthusiasm for life. Talented, beautiful, personable - and ready for a home where all that fit in place.

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Providing Shelter for Your Horse

Alayne Blickle

Providing shelter for your horse can mean anything from a tree in a pasture to a nice, big barn. If you are in the market for a horse shelter, or would like to add one to your pasture, consider a horse’s basic requirements when reviewing design options.

Healthy horses can withstand cold temperatures, but when it’s windy as well, they can lose a considerable amount of body heat. This situation worsens when a horse is wet from rain or snow. Horses should be provided with a place where they can get out of extreme heat, driving rain and wind, and severe cold temperatures. This can be anything from a basic run-in shed to larger structure.

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