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Six Reasons Workshops and Farm Tours are Worth Attending

Alayne Blickle

Like many people these days you probably struggle to weave chores, work, riding and family time into your life's fabric, leaving leisure activities behind in the dust. This month, we're making a case for attending an equine class or event—why it can be worth the effort, and why so many people have thanked us after they made time to attend one.

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I Am Who I Am Because of You

Alayne Blickle

If Horses for Clean Water has achieved anything it's because of you. I am reminded of this constantly in so many ways and so many things that I do with my life. I am grateful for all of you who attend my classes, for how you have shaped HCW and therefore me and my life. I don't think there's a day that goes by when I don't reflect with joy and appreciation on some aspect of one of you in one of my classes. I think about your horse keeping learning journeys, what you've accomplished, what you've created with materials given to you, your adventures you’ve shared with me and different ways you’ve protected the Earth around's been brilliant.

I’ve decided I want to share you with all of you. Starting next month I am going to feature occasional interviews with different horse owners I have worked with over the years who’ve influenced Horses for Clean Water in some way. I am excited to share your stories.

And while I am feeling nostalgic, I also want to acknowledge and thank two of the very first to people who shaped Horses for Clean Water: Susie Kalhorn and Claire Dyckman. These two environmental education co-workers carefully and kindly sat with me for hours helping me write my first grant back in 1997, which eventually funded Horses for Clean Water and helped jump start HCW down the path that it’s still on today. I thank them both silently each day for the career I enjoy so much, the one I enjoy sharing with all of you.

On another note:  Next month will be an exciting one. I am traveling (once again!) to the fascinating Land Down Under to be a speaker at a national conference on horse keeping and sustainability. I look forward to sharing with you when I return!