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All About Arenas


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All About Arenas

Alayne Blickle

This month I am thinking about arenas—and for more than one reason. It’s been a year since ours has been completed, although there’s always more to work on before it feels “really” finished. We still plan to work on landscaping, an indoor viewing area, and maybe lighting someday.  For now, I couldn't be happier with it.  It is quite freeing, as it allows us to have the ability to ride no matter the weather—and we do just that, riding everyday! We just experienced one of our best winters ever partly because we always had access to indoor riding.

Perhaps you are also interested in an arena? If so, Horses for Clean Water has a class for you! Next month, we will be teaching a workshop in King County, Washington on how to build an indoor riding arena. The class will be on-site at Two Cedars Farm, a facility that's done a lovely job of creating a covered dressage arena while balancing the needs of the natural resources. Join us at this event to hear about their construction process and the choices they made as they worked to minimize their impact on the environment. We will also do a farm tour to look at other horse farm management practices like mud management, manure composting, and pasture management.

two cedars 2.jpg

One of the questions I still have about arenas is how to keep them watered to reduce dust. We have a water trailer for ours, but even with one application of 300 gallons of water, our arena can be quite dusty later in the same day. Two Cedars’ owners have taken an innovative approach to dust control so this workshop will also discuss dust issues, moisture management, and footing additives which can be used to help hold moisture.

Join us in our upcoming classes to learn more and horses and land management!


P.S. Have you seen our new Sweet Pepper Ranch Cowgirl Retreat video?  There still are four spots open in June—one spot is waiting for you!

Sweet Pepper Ranch is excited to offer 3-day retreats for women riders with a focus on ranch riding and cowgirl dressage. Enjoy instruction from award-winning trainers, yoga and meditation classes to help with mind and body awareness in and out of the saddle, and nutritious meals made onsite. Visit for more information.