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Looking to Make Your Horse Farm Profitable?


Providing winning solutions for horse management and the environment since 1997

Looking to Make Your Horse Farm Profitable?

Alayne Blickle

We Have a Workshop for That! Exploring Ecotourism

Have you wondered if there’s something more you can do with your farm or small acreage, something innovative and fun, that might help with a little extra income?

If so, then you might be interested in agritourism, ecotourism or geotourism which will be a key focus of a Horses for Clean Water event in early May at A&W Ranch in Snoqualmie, WA.— Sunday May 7th: Farm Tour: Agri & Ecotourism on Horse Properties

Agritourism is an agriculturally based operation or activity that brings visitors onto an operation as an economic venture. Agritourism offers a new twist to adding extra income by thinking “outside of the box.” Possibilities include: corn mazes, a winery, produce stands, bird watching, pony parties, blacksmith demos, country bonfires, cider pressing, gourd golf, fishing, harvest festivals, pumpkin bowling, haunted barn, horseback riding, nature tours, farm equipment tour for kids, petting zoos, picnic areas, pumpkin patches, farm vendors, zip lines … the opportunities are endless.

As an example, our Sweet Pepper Ranch, a small-scale personalized guest ranch B&B and horse motel in southwestern Idaho, qualifies as agritourism. On our 10 acre farm we raise reining horses and beautiful grass hay. Folks traveling through the area have a safe, convenient place—for both horse and owner—to spend the night.

For those looking for a vacation spot (with or without a horse), Sweet Pepper Ranch showcases the beautiful Treasure Valley, with its surrounding agricultural and cultural activities. There are wildlife refuges to visit, hot springs to relax in, wilderness mountains to explore, wineries to check out, scenic rivers to raft, waterfalls to hike to, and painted desert canyons to discover. North America’s largest concentration of breeding raptors are always on hand to dazzle.

Ranch-type work that visitors are welcomed to pitch in on include: harrowing pastures, mowing, spreading compost, dragging arenas, building fences, moving hay … there’s no shortage of chores!

Besides agritourism, Sweet Pepper Ranch's business venture has ecotourism, or geotourism, principles woven into it—tourism which incorporates nature, ecology and sustainability, and focuses on the region as a whole, celebrating the land and its culture.

Whatever you want to call it, the bottom line is, that making money off your property, based on a sustainable and environmentally sensitive way of managing it, means that you are promoting both the land and your practices as part of the attraction of visiting.

Join us on Sunday, May 7th, from 1pm to 3pm, to see how a Snoqualmie, WA horse facility is using environmentally sound horse keeping practices as a business tool for running their property. You might just pick up some take-home ideas for your own property! For more information visit:  Farm Tour: Agri & Ecotourism on Horse Properties