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Mustang Magic


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Mustang Magic

Alayne Blickle

If wintery weather is keeping you indoors, maybe instead of riding and horse’n around we can talk horses instead! One of my favorite horse topics is MUSTANGS. Last fall I introduced you to Stellar, my Mustang that I started on my own over the summer and fall. (By way of an update she is doing well; at the moment she is mostly hanging out waiting for our unusually wintery weather to subside so we can go back to riding and a regular training routine.)

I thought you all might like hearing a bit more about two other Mustangs in our lives: JoDee and Stevie.

JoDee is a darling little Mustang I purchased in 2015 at the Nampa Extreme Mustang Makeover. She and her trainer finished fourth and she was voted the crowd favorite. She has been doing well with us, she’s a very easy horse to own and manage. She’s great on the trails and Matt has been using her as a lesson/guest horse, a job she’s good at. We’ve also been using her as a Mustang ambassador, taking her places to meet people and letting them have their first Mustang experience with a pretty, nice-minded, quiet mare.

Well, JoDee has her own story to tell, as this past Christmas she was purchased from us for a young lady as a surprise Christmas present - her first horse! This particular young lady cleans stalls for us and takes lessons with Matt on JoDee. She had been in love with JoDee, but never allowed herself to dream that JoDee might one day be hers. If you’d like to see the beautiful surprise unfold, here are Facebook photos and the Christmas Eve 2016 video (watch until the end to check out JoDee’s cool braids, bows and even Christmas lights.)

We also have another Mustang, Stevie, who actually could be yours. Stevie is with us as part of the Trainer-Incentive-Program, or TIP. In the TIP program, a certified trainer (Matt, in this case) chooses a Mustang to train (Stevie) and find a home for. The new owner (you!) adopts the horse from the BLM for $125, the same price as for a wild horse, and Mustang Heritage Foundation (a non-profit) pays Matt a stipend for having spent training time on the horse.

The trainer is required to teach the horse to halter, lead, pick up each of all four feet and to trailer load. Stevie is another lovely horse, we think she’ll be a great trail horse or ranch horse. Interested? Contact Matt or see the photos of Stevie below and in the header.

One last Mustang update for me; in a few weeks I am headed to Fort Worth with a wonderful friend and fellow Mustang aficionado to the Mustang Magic. This is an invitation-only competition of top Mustang trainers from the last few years. We are going to watch, enjoy and absorb what we can about Mustangs.

If you are interested in learning more about Mustangs I am teaching a few events in Treasure Valley, ID, including a free lecture on the history of Mustangs and a tour of the BLM’s Wild Horse Corrals. Contact Nampa Parks and Rec for more information on either event.

We are always available for personalized Mustang adventures at our guest ranch, Sweet Pepper Ranch. Contact me if you are interested in learning more.


P.S. Stay tuned for more of my Mustang adventures: I just sent out a hair sample for DNA testing on Stellar. If you would like to learn about the results - or follow anything else about Stellar - follow us on Facebook for both Alayne Blickle and Horses for Clean Water.