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Gimme Shelter: Pearl's Place

Alayne Blickle

Late last fall at our place, Sweet Pepper Ranch in Idaho, we began working on a new project.

We were fortunate enough to sell a nice horse that Matt had finished training who was ready for a new home. Pearl, or Parnelli’s Black Pearl, was a beautiful, true black mare with only a small white spot on her forehead and a BIG personality. That girl could untie a knot, ANY knot, in no time flat. She could and would open latches and stall doors, undo hoses (which were filling water troughs) and play with anything in her reach. She had a BIG personality and a lot of enthusiasm for life. Talented, beautiful, personable - and ready for a home where all that fit in place.

Matt & Pearl

Matt & Pearl

In our household, hubby Matt enjoys working with young horses, especially the reining prospects. He likes to work slowly and carefully with them, bringing them along in their training. And me? I enjoy riding finished, very broke reining horses. Ones you can show or go trail ride anywhere. While Pearl definitely was all those things, I already had two older horses with a similar resume. Pearl was only seven, but Matt had shown her successfully for several years and had taught her all he had to give. That meant Pearl was ready to move out on her own, which she did.

The new home Pearl found was a ranch in Montana. They compete with her in cowhorse and reining, plus they have cattle that they work - and they have guests. They have sent us photos of Pearl sleeping peacefully in a deeply bedded stall, visiting with human youngsters, plus they have told us stories of her busy ranching responsibilities. Sounds like Pearl got the job promotion she was looking for and is in horse heaven!

Long story short; we used the money Pearl brought to us to advance our business plan. We bought two youngsters, both reining prospects, and transformed a half-acre area of our property into a large confinement area. Young horses that aren’t being ridden or worked everyday need adequate opportunity to run and play in an area with safe horse fencing, but also shelter from the weather and a dry, mud-free area for food and water. That is what we created. We named the area Pearl’s Place, and it's worked out great.

If building a shelter is in your plans, read: Providing Shelter for Your Horse; attend upcoming mud-management and fence building events, or check out our selection of Tip Sheets to get you started!


Pearl's Place

Pearl's Place

“My treasures do not chink or glitter, they gleam in the sun and neigh in the night.” -Bedouin Proverb