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Alpenglow Farm

Alpenglow Farm is nestled against the Cascade foothills in Western Washington and receives, on average, 105 inches of rain per year! Mud and water control in paddocks, on trails, and in the all-weather arena, along with providing a healthy, chemical-free environment for horses, people and wildlife were the main priorities for these farm owners.

Farm Features and Practices

Forest Stewardship Plan

Farm Plan

Enrollment in King County Public Benefit Rating System

Utilization of Cost-Share program


  •     Relocation of old-growth stumps to areas where wildlife can utilize them 
  •     Buffers, hedgerows and specie specific plantings
  •     Forest thinning to increase wildlife forage, forest health and diversification
  •     Wildlife corridors left for North Rainier elk herd, cougar, bear, coyote, bobcats and deer
  •     Enhanced habitat maintained for beneficial wildlife, insects and “species of concern”


  •     All-weather outdoor riding arena
  •     Covered round-pen for riding during snow and downpours
  •     Matted stalls with attached graveled, mud-less paddocks
  •     Secondary confinement area with wood chips and gate access to pastures
  •     Easy goat-care sand paddock
  •     Moveable pasture fencing
  •     Three-bin static-aerated, quick-dump concrete composting system
  •     Trail development utilizing low-impact horse logging and hogfuel footing


  •     Periodic soil testing for nutrient and pH levels
  •     Annual over-seeding with pasture seed for high-yield forage
  •     Addition of compost and nutrients as needed
  •     Rotational grazing of livestock during the growing season
  •     Aerating, harrowing and weed control as needed
  •     Livestock taken off pastures when grass is dormant